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Pet diagnostic imaging inWynnum Manly

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Diagnostic Imaging


Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic imaging with radiography

Radiography allows us to assess the skeleton and internal organs.

This helps provide information about certain disease conditions and injuries. We have a digital radiography unit which allows us to collect high quality images in a very timely manner to assist in deciding the best treatment for your pet’s health issues.


Ultrasound scans are performed to help diagnose disease conditions especially of the abdomen and heart. We are fully equipped with an ultrasound scanner which we use to help diagnose complicated cases.

Animals need to be fasted before an ultrasound procedure as we often sedate them to ensure they remain still. Fasting also means that their stomach and intestines are empty which helps us get clearer images of their organs.

Our vets will discuss ultrasound with you if they believe it may be useful in investigating your animal’s condition.

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