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Treating arthritis for your pet

Arthritis is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the joints.

Arthritis is common in older animals as a result of cartilage degradation. Other causes of arthritis are injuries, conformational issues, auto-immune diseases and viral or bacterial infections.

Signs of arthritis
  • Limping, stiffness, change in gait
  • Reluctance to walk, jump, climb stairs or play
  • Difficulty rising after resting
  • Difficulty finding a comfortable position
  • Licking/self trauma
  • Change in behaviour such as aggression, anxiety or clinginess
  • Reduced interaction with people
  • Reduced appetite
  • Change in toileting behaviour
  • Increase in vocalisation, yelping when touched
The five significant components of treatment
  1. Weight control – the more overweight the animal, the more stress on the joints
  2. Warm, soft bedding in a draft free area
  3. Exercise – regular controlled exercise such as gentle walks or swimming
  4. Physiotherapy – massage, heat packs or referral to animal physiotherapist
  5. Medication

Chondroprotective agents
cartrophen injections, Antinol, glucosamine / chondroitin, specialised veterinary diets

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medications
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or neuropathic pain relievers.

Make an appointment with one of our vets to discuss the best treatment protocol for your pet.

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